Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I got a kitten!

So, my mom called me up this afternoon and asked if I wanted a kitten. Seems she was visiting a friend's farm and they had an extra kitten. They were pretty sure it's a girl, but it hasn't been fixed or shot or anything. I'm strongly leaning towards getting her front declawed, like my brother's cats. Carrie is upset with that idea, but oh well.

I've all but decided to name her Fiona. She's just the cutest thing. She spent the first night sleeping on my stomach and chest. I was reminded of Look Who's Talking, where John Travolta is babysitting, and Mikey falls asleep on his chest. I've already been having quite a lot of baby-wanting time, but this cat has really spiked my paternal instinct. Now all I need is a wife who wants kids.

Last night, she followed me up to my room and slept in there (with an apparent break to go down and throw some food around). So, what I've learned:
  1. Dragging a string behind you teaches cats to follow you pretty well.

  2. Since cats bury things in their litter box, it may be dirtier than you think.

  3. Being a safe place for a kitten to go to when the big cat gets pissy makes it love you.


J said...

Awwwww, how cute! Love the name, too.

lord_hughes said...

Oh, cool name. Fiona was the female fox on Sonic the Hedgehog that his buddy Tails had a crush on (more than you cared to know about Sonic I'm sure).

If you need a wife who wants kids I still have one of those :) We can negotiate price later.

We'll have to come by and see the kitten something. Maybe when you get your new ping pong table in.

Hammer said...

Fiona was also the name of the princess in Shrek movies. It's a nice name. I have a nickname for the kitten - fifi. You better get her fixed unless you want more baby kittens.

On a side note lord Hughes has forgotten the discussion we had at DQ about not objectifying women. You were not there at the time.

lord_hughes said...

Hammer, Meg is not an object, but she is an "asset." And my comment was made Wednesday, 2 days before our trip to DQ. So I'm still in the clear :)