Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cat Toy - Laser

I ate at my parents' house for dinner this evening. My brother needed to get a mouse in order to feed his snake, so we went to the pet store. While we were there, I figured I'd get a cheap $2.99 laser pointer pet toy. When I finally got home, I unpackaged it and put in the included batteries. Fiona immediately chased after it and was very exited. Mouse was initially interested, but never excited about it, and quickly lost interest in favor of a crazy-hyper Fiona and the threat presented therein.

Fiona pounced and scrambled after the laser all the way upstairs and around my room. When I shut it off, she began breathing very deeply. I first thought I had run the wind out of her, but then noticed she had her head low to the ground and was breathing into corners and dark places. She was intent on finding the mysterious shiny thing! I indulged her for another minute or so, but then had to get down to installing Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

Fiona, however, still had nothing better to do. She began sniffing around again, pawing at everything it could be under or behind. She then began whining very loudly in addition. She has finally calmed down, but I'm not sure whether I should bring the laser back out. She loves chasing it, but it upsets her so much when it's gone. And now she's back to whining.

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Brian said...

She was cute chasing the laser.