Friday, December 21, 2007

Ron Paul Campaign Contribution

I've been highly tempted recently to donate to the Ron Paul campaign. I have many reasons to do so:
  • He's the only candidate that I believe when they speak.
  • He's seems to have an understanding of the issues - and more in depth than any of the other candidates, or at least more understanding than they are willing to show to the unsophisticated masses.
  • He will work to eliminate the IRS - my contribution could even be viewed as an investment in this light.
  • He's the only one trying to make the country freer. Less interference and monitoring sounds good to me.
  • Most of his other issues found at
  • I have more money than I really need.
So, you may be asking, "Why haven't you gone ahead and contributed, Mark?" I'm opening it up for comment first; I want to be sure I'm making a good decision. So I ask you: Why shouldn't I contribute to Ron Paul's campaign? Is there a more deserving candidate?


Anonymous said...

Hi --

Fortunately for you, donations to Ron Paul are a name-your-price buy. Why not donate $10 and see how you feel?

Try it out before the Meet the Press interview. As you watch imagine that, for $10, he is your hired spokesman for the hour. If he fails to bring your points across, I'll bet it's not the worst $10 you ever spent. If he does a good job, consider rehiring.

Lord Hughes said...

Too much money? That's not what I hear you say. I would say that a donation to Ron Paul wouldn't be a waste of money. I also support him and like most of what he says. I can't say that for any of the other candidates. I also like how Ron Paul gets his message out via the web. It's pretty effective and we should support that movement.

Aruna said...

My thoughts on donating to the Ron Paul campaign . . .

. . . you've seen what the internet can do. Are you willing to follow the rest of the internet? I mean what if this is the political version of goatse?

But seriously, if you feel strongly about it you should do it. Money is the most effective form of political speech.