Thursday, March 27, 2008

Multiple E*TRADE accounts

A couple posts ago, I commented on my spending discipline. I just took a step to help me maintain that discipline. I opened up a separate bank account just for emergency funds.

I used to have a E*TRADE Bank Complete Savings account. It has solid features and a high yield - beating Bank of America CDs, for example. The interest rate applies to every dollar in the account - it's not tiered. Now I have two! E*TRADE is kind enough to allow people to open as many as they want, it would seem. The interesting thing is that this basically eliminates the limit of 6 withdrawals a month because you can always transfer money over to another savings account and withdraw from that.

I have never hit the withdrawal limit, so that didn't enter into my thinking when I set up the account. I was just thankful to have the option to create a separate bank account with just as high of an interest rate. I can rename it to "Do not touch" or "Emergency Funds" or whatever else will make sure I'm not tempted to spend it. I then set up an automatic transfer from my old savings account (which gets my direct deposits) to my new one. Now I'll always have enough cash on hand in case I otherwise forget to set aside cash (say, for property taxes or insurance). Thanks, E*TRADE!

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