Saturday, May 24, 2008


So, I've been contemplating submitting some youtube videos for a year or two. Now, I don't have a video camera with which to create said videos. If I did have one, I still don't think I could subject the world to that kind of horrible content, even if it is optional viewing.

I guess I like the idea of being loved and adored by thens of thousands of people like some of the vloggers out there. But, then I realize that I'm not nearly as creative as most of the loved and adored vloggers. I'm happy to talk at length about many topics, but I don't ever do so in a unique and/or funny way. I list facts, build arguments, and forget what I want to say. At least with that last one, I might have an endearing quality, if done right.

The lovable and adorable Natalie from Australia is the one who deserves the most credit for inspiring me to join the ranks of youtube vloggers. The problem is that she also deserves the most credit for intimidating me away from that course of action. I could never hope to be so lovable/loved nor adorable/adored. Ah well. Because my vacation next week keeps me from viewing the early-round action of The French Open, I decided to share Natalie's tennis video to show what I aspire to. Well, I might also aspire to this.

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