Friday, March 6, 2009

Things I Want To Buy #2

This is a follow-up post to Things I Want To Buy.

I didn't end up buying a restringing machine, and gave up the idea after my uncle said it was definitely more trouble than it was worth. I got a new primary computer, but have had some problems with it. Mainly, it runs hotter than my friend's similarly spec'd one. Rather aggravating.

Anyway, an updated list!
  • I still need my deck repainted/stained. I want to get that scheduled by the end of the month, at least.

  • I still need a new electric lawn mower. I plan on giving my old one to my brother for his rental house, and I never want to use it again. Thus, I will need this before I can mow my lawn.

  • I want a storm door for my front doorway. Storm doors are apparently rather expensive, so I may wait until the end of summer, as a warm draft is not nearly as bothersome as a cold draft.

  • At some point, I'll need a new car. My current car keeps getting something else wrong with it. Most recently, I noticed that it no longer beeps at me when my seat belt isn't buckled. This doesn't actually bother me, but it's a sign that the car is aging. I'm hoping to get another year or more out of it, though, especially since I don't drive all that much.


Lord Hughes said...

Wow! New posts!

Could you just get some weather stripping for your front door to seal any leaks? We did that with our front door and it seems to work ok.

I hear ya about the car. Mine isn't quite in as bad shape as yours I think, but it's getting old for sure.

Lord Hughes said...

I also like idea of a "things I want" list. I post on the games I'm interested in, but I don't really cover the other stuff I might want. It's almost like a continuously running birthday/Christmas list.

eis271828 said...

My front door also has leaks around the sides. I've always liked the idea of a storm door anyway. I grew up with one and am used to opening two doors. Plus, the current door is hard to close, so I like the idea of it not blowing open and the cats getting out in the event of a missed latch.

I wouldn't say mine is really in bad shape. It does have a few problems, but none of them crucial. I think I'd be more concerned about your engine mount that's broken, or whatever the problem was. Either way, I'd bet we get cars at around the same time at the rate we are both going. ;)