Monday, July 13, 2009

Body Image and TV

Recently, I watched a few minutes of America's Next Top Model, or Make Me a Supermodel, or one of those shows. It was extremely depressing. Here's a show that finds the most beautiful people it can, and then makes them compete. That's fine on its own, but I am saddened when I see what it does to these people.

The example I saw was a girl winning a photoshoot contest. She picked another girl to go along with her to some swimsuit ad campaign award, which I guess was a mini-contest between the two of them. The other girl theorized that she was chosen because she was the largest girl. When she lost, she said something similar to "I feel like working out. 10 miles ought to do something." This was a gorgeous woman reduced to tears and well on her way to an eating disorder.

I know people that could have a very successful career as a model, but I would never tell them that. Anyway, it was just depressing television, and I have no plans of watching any more of those types of shows. I'll stick with Star Trek and its Utopian societies.

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