Sunday, March 25, 2007

House Hunting

I was house sitting last week at my parents' house. This means I need to update everyone on both last week's and this week's housing search.

Well, last week, I went out with my agent, Carrie, and my mother.

We found [1385397 - 5347 Gleason Rd - $307,000], which I really liked. I even had a feeling of wanting to make an offer. It has a pretty good basement, which makes up for the deck taking up most of the backyard. It's a bit west, and a bit north, but the location is manageable. Overall, I think it was my favorite.

My mom and JD liked [1375753 - 14116 W 53rd Tr - $288,500] the best. It was the end of the day, though, so Carrie and I weren't terribly thrilled. It seemed like just another nice house. The backyard is also small, and the basement is finished, but not all that homey.

On the value side, we found [1360857 - 5703 Noland Rd - $249,900]. It was built in 1987, but had the feel of a 1970s house. There was a tiny bit of wood rot in the back of the house, only had a 2-car garage and only 2 full baths. But, it was still a lot of house for $250,000. The master bedroom suite was simply amazing, but not always in a good way. It was a bit gaudy.

Sunday's open house search yielded [1382477 - 9930 W 128 Tr - $299,900]. This had a very nice first floor, an amazing basement (though not suited for ping pong), and decent size rooms. The main drawback is the cut up basement and the single shared bathroom for three bedrooms on the top floor.

This Saturday, JD, Carrie and I went back out to a few houses. Revisiting [1385397 - 5347 Gleason Rd - $307,000], I noticed some layout issues. When you walk in the front door, you see quite a few different stairs and not much of any given room. The bedrooms on the top floor are slightly weird shaped and aren't always practical when positioning a bed, desk, and TV.

When we went back to [1375753 - 14116 W 53rd Tr - $288,500], the basement looked more usable, the kitchen looked nicer, and the great room seemed more pleasant. The backyard seemed a bit more usable, but still not big enough for volleyball. Overall, though, it has started to beat out the Gleason house. I just wish it weren't so far north.

We also went back to [1382477 - 9930 W 128 Tr - $299,900], which was still nice, but not as good as the 53rd Tr house, so I've eliminated it. [1360857 - 5703 Noland Rd - $249,900] has changed to backup offers status, so that's out, too. [1356306 - 8136 Lingle Ln - $289,950] from a few weeks ago has also changed to backup offers status. I'm not terribly upset by either of these, though. The California front/back split ([1358668 - 7901 W 155th Pl - $294,500]) is still listed as active, but that was for sale by owner, so it may take a bit of time for that to update. Besides, it only had 3 bedrooms on the top floor, which could hurt resale.

Today, I couldn't find any promising houses online to tour. So, I drove around randomly looking for open house signs. It was kind of fun, but not all that productive, so we quickly lost interest. Everyone else liked a for sale by owner house for $339,950, but the basement wasn't great, in my opinion, and the for sale by owner part means I would need to pay JD's commission. The location was better than the 53rd Tr house, but the house wasn't nearly $50k better.

I've told my agent to show me some more houses in the Lenexa area, so I'm closer to coworkers, family, and social functions. We are going out again on Tuesday. I will then do another tour on Saturday. If I'm up for it, I will then do another open house search on Sunday. I then plan on making an offer during the week on my favorite house. I'm ready for this hunt to be over.

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Lord Hughes said...

You make me sick with your "this house ONLY has 2 car garage, and ONLY has 2 baths." Some people can't afford such luxury. Especially with all the video game that need buying :)