Monday, October 4, 2010

Future TV Series Won't Be Watched

I've decided to not watch TV shows until they enter their second or third season, at least. There will be exceptions to this, I'm sure, but I'm tired of becoming interested in a story and getting attached to the characters only to have the show canceled. I know I'm not the only one that is tired of this happening. As more people give up, the problem is likely to get worse, too.

Just compare the story of Cheers' first season and following success to that of any other show in the last decade. No, Cheers would have been canceled halfway through it's first season. Or earlier - take the recent canceling of Lone Star after only two episodes. That's rather ridiculous, in my opinion. I wonder if Lone Star was scheduled for a full 20+ episode season, or if they were doing the frustrating 9 to 14 episode half-seasons.

Actually, I had subscribed to Lone Star on Hulu despite the horrible ads that didn't interest me in the slightest except for having Jon Voight. I hadn't gotten around to actually watching the pilot episode before its cancellation was announced. I wonder if Hulu viewership is counted in the decision making process, or if TV viewership is all that matters, still. I had briefly considered the possibility that, in the future, new shows wouldn't be produced for TV until a successful run as a web series, like The Guild. I don't think people used to watching online shows would all tune in at one particular time when it transitioned to broadcast, though.

Anyway, here are some shows that I was particularly sad got canceled so early, even if I didn't watch them all as they came out. Nice and alphabetized for you!

I'll use Hulu to watch those shows I do decide to follow after their probationary period. My TV is useless to me except for watching tennis. Hulu even has excellent movies they make available every once in awhile. Like Real Genius or Glory! Goodbye broadcast TV.

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