Monday, June 2, 2008

The Beach

I've never been a huge fan of the beach. It's sandy, hot, the water is salty and cold, and there's sharp things to cut your feet. Wednesday's trip to the beach, however, was thoroughly enjoyable. We hiked from our car up some trails and then back down to the beach, where we made our way back to the car. The sand was very fine, the sharp things were easily avoidable, the water wasn't too cold, and since I only went in up to my calves, for the most part, the saltiness didn't matter. Except for the cuts on my legs - saltwater is not comfortable on cuts. Luckily, I have nothing against pain and even enjoyed trudging along through it.

We had some fairly decent Mexican food for dinner, and then made our way home for a quiet evening. It was by far the most relaxing day of the vacation. I'd be up for another beach excursion, so long as I wasn't expected to swim. Fun times.

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