Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Microsoft Tech-Ed: Tuesday June 3

The keynote presentation was fairly enjoyable. Bill Gates had a "last full day at Microsoft" video which had some funny appearances from multiple celebrities. The demonstrations were interesting enough, too. IBM made an appearance in one, and that can be read about on an MSDN blog: DataDude goes multi-platform. It was nice to see some of my work make an appearance in front of thousands of people, but even better was that the demonstration worked!

Anyway, breakfast was pretty decent. The bacon needed to be crisper in order to be really enjoyable, but luckily, I only grabbed 7 pieces. I spent the rest of the day attending talks on LINQ, data binding in Windows Presentation Framework, DataDude, and parallel programming.

Probably the coolest part of the day was the dinner/party thing for the various sponsors. There was good food all around the booths and most booths were giving away some cool stuff. I got 6 new t-shirts, so I don't have to go shopping for shirts this year, plus a key chain compass, a squishy basketball, a noisy monkey toy, a LINQ pocket reference book, and a slinky! Free stuff rocks!

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