Monday, April 23, 2007

Financial Advisers

When talking to your financial adviser about closing an account in order to make a down payment on the house you are about to buy, where does responsibility lie? In our conversation a couple weeks ago, he asked when the closing date was. I said my closing date was May 3rd. He then commented on how it should be OK, then, to not overnight the request to close the account. I agreed. He wrote down that the account needs to be closed sometime before May 3rd.

This is so far from what we agreed on. There was a choice on whether to use fast or slow mail, not on when to send the request to close the account. Admittedly, the stock market has gone up quite a bit this month, so by waiting I have made an extra 1-2 thousand dollars, probably, but that doesn't make his actions right. I said I wanted my money, and he kept it from me, telling me one thing and doing another. I'm not happy.

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Carrie said...

you should poke him in the eye for that.