Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Offer accepted

One thing I forgot to mention last post was that the house sale was being handled by a relocation company. Being on the market for 132+ days meant they really wanted to get rid of it. They countered my offer of $280,000 with $292,500 at about 10:30 this morning. I countered back at $290,000, which they accepted.

I've been hopping up and down all day (on the inside, at any rate). I called up one of my financial advisers to close out an account to cover the down payment. That should be a pleasant check to get in the mail.

Now begins the search for a mortgage. Quite a few people have people I should talk to. IBMers get several discounts, so I need to look into those. Then I need to shop for a refrigerator and a washer/dryer set. I also need to do all the appraising, inspecting, and whatever else. Not a terribly fun-sounding set of activities, but definitely very exciting.

You know what else is really exciting? I'll be having a housewarming party! If you want to make sure you are invited, leave a comment!


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Hammer said...

I am planning a Cinco de Mayo/House warming party on May 5. Do not schedule your house warming on that day.
And since I am the first one to leave a comment on this post, I guess I should be the first one to be invited to your house warming party ;-)