Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wire Transfers

I'm breathing a bit easier this evening, as Bank of America has informed me that I have a pending wire transfer. My funds should be available at least by Monday, and that's what matters. Incidentally, I have made about 3.87% since the beginning of the year on that money. In contrast, the money I have with Merrill Lynch has made about 6.41%. Both of these numbers are before advising fees. In contrast with both of those, I have a realized gain of 9.63% plus an unrealized gain of 1.02%, totaling a 7.55% gain in my E*TRADE account, not including excess cash that earns 5% per year. So, the account I closed would appear to be my poorest performing. A good decision.

And on Monday, I will officially buy a house. Hopefully also a good decision.

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