Monday, April 23, 2007


On Saturday, I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart with Carrie. We started by looking at washers and dryers, but were pushed into refrigerators by an annoying old salesman. So, we looked around at fridges for a bit. Eventually, a less annoying younger salesman asked us what we were looking for. Carrie had some sort of concern over having the freezer on top, and I had practical concerns over having the freezer along the side. So, we ended up with a freezer on the bottom (honestly, what's the difference between this and on the top?) with split refrigerator doors.

My brother said I should get stainless steel for the resale value, but all my other appliances are currently black. I also don't think this will be the same fridge I'll have when I sell the house, so I went with black and saved a few hundred dollars. The fridge was regularly priced at $1,419 or thereabouts, but I got it for $1,163.88. I opted for the extended warranty, so I may have wasted $70. But, it's probably a better investment then the lottery tickets I buy.

Shipping is $44.00, and taxes were $81.78. This gives me a final price of $1359.65, which is lower than the regular starting price. Still a bit more than I was originally planning, but I'm content.

We briefly looked at washers and dryers again until the old guy said hello again and we left. I later looked online, but prices were much higher there. This makes it very difficult to intelligently pick a washer. But, I think I will get the set for about $499 each, putting my total cost of all appliances at around $3000, which is what I had originally budgeted. I'll also need a big TV eventually. $$$.

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Drammach said...

Top freezer units are more energy efficient, saving anywhere from 10% to 30% on energy when compared to side by side units.
Not sure what the comparison is to bottom freezer units, but I would guess they are not as efficient either.